Japan Transcity Corporation

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Policy

Japan Trancity's corporate policy is: "Contribute to the society through our business”.
We aim to enhance our corporate governance, achieve an efficient and ethical business,
and provide higher corporate value and continuous growth that exceeds our stockholders,
customers, partners, employees, and society’s expectations.

Corporate Governance Framework

We maintain an independent Audit & Supervisory Board. The board audits execution of duties, whilst the board of directors makes critical decisions. For open and reliable management of the company, we have a Nomination and Compensation Committee as a voluntary organization belonging to the board of directors.

Corporate Governance Framework

Board of Directors
The board of directors is composed of 13 directors and 2 outside directors, and holds monthly and temporary meetings for swift and proper decision-making. Any meeting requires five or more auditors’ attendance.
Auditors/ Audit & Supervisory Board
Audit & Supervisory Board is composed of 5 auditors including 4 outside auditors, and holds monthly meetings. Auditors attend to the meeting of Council of Managing Directors, Business Planning Committee, Office Leaders meetings.
Besides requests for approval, auditors always check business executions by directors and employees. They communicate with the President, the Internal Control Division, and financial auditors to identify and correct problems.
Business Planning Meeting
Managing Directors Meeting is held twice a month to discuss important issues of Japan Tanscity and its group companies. Business Planning Committee is also held twice a month to discuss important issues related to a mid-term business plan.