Japan Transcity Corporation

Business Plan

Business Plan

Mid-term business plan

April 2014 – March 2017

Fundamental Policy

Our goal is to evolve as a company that creates value and enhances domestic and global logistics through quick-innovative solutions. We will be the company that can create new value with better domestic and global logistics service and innovative solutions.

[ Motto ]
「Challenge to the New Stage」
- Challenge -
[ Numerical targets ]
Consolidated gross sales:
100 billion JPY
Consolidated pretax profit:
5 billion JPY
[ Investment Plan ]
20 billion Investments
Aggressive investment plan

Business Strategy

Domestic logistics business reform
  • - Enhance solution sales, 3PL services, and stevedoring management ability at Yokkaichi Port.
  • - Enhance logistics functions including comprehensive business collaborations.
  • - Continuously improve the Logistics strategic organization.
Global logistics business expansion
  • - Logistics service improvement in ASEAN area.
  • - Logistics service restructuring in North and Middle America.
  • - Personnel and labor management system improvement.
Group Business Basis Reinforcement
  • - Safety management and logistics quality standard improvement.
  • - Securing, fostering, and utilizing manpower effectively.
  • - Develop a competitive labor-management system.
  • - Enhance IT infrastructure.
CSR management and local contribution
  • - Corporate compliance structure and preventative solution improvement in the whole group.
  • - Internal control system expansion and providing proper services.
  • - BCM establishment for risk mitigation.
  • - Promoting eco-friendly business and the recycle-oriented society.

Capital Policy

 Japan Transcity aims to increase its value to shareholders and the retained earnings in order to enhance our financial positions along with developing new business. We carefully strive to maintain a healthy financial status for strategic investments from both a mid-term perspective and agile movement of capital. We make every effort to distribute stable dividends to our shareholders based on our long-term strategy and business environmental changes.