Japan Transcity Corporation

Corporate Ethics Guidelines

Corporate Ethics Guidelines

Since its foundation, Japan Transcity Group has made a commitment to contribute to society through our business.
We have established “The Corporate Ethics Guidelines for Japan Transcity Group” which defines the corporate philosophy,
guidelines for action, and a code of conduct.
Every group company along with its managers and employees have implemented high ethical standards,
and will continue to strive to maintain integrity and trust.

Corporate Logo

Business Sphere
To create a new field of business activities and organized logistics systems from a global point of view.
Social Role
To contribute to the wide-ranging social development in harmony with local communities.
Corporate Culture
To aim to be a humanity-oriented and active group with high-sensitivities.

Business Policy

  • Let’s serve our customers faithfully to meet their trust in us.
  • Let’s work together with a variety of invention to offer our
    best service.
  • Let’s think flexibly and act positively to innovate and create
    new value in our services.
  • Let’s make our future bright by taking care of our health.
  • Let’s act as “our company’s face, eye, ear, and mind”.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Regarding Customers and Business Partners

-Comply with local and foreign laws, etc. applicable to company activities and respect the culture and customs of other countries or regions where we conduct business in order to coexist in harmony with the local society.

Code of Conduct for Executives and Employees

-Respect the diverse qualities of each individual. Establish fair and appropriate methods of training and managing a variety of employees so that the skills of each individual are maximized.

-Protect employees who report questionable misconduct from unfavorable treatment when they use the established procedures.

Code of Conduct toward Shareholders

-Disclose appropriately and in a timely manner information such as financial details and business activities to market participants such as shareholders, investors, etc.

-Aim to improve company value and perform continuous development through the accurate and efficient operation of corporate governance and internal control systems.

Code of Conduct toward Society

-Engage in efforts to reduce the company's impact on the environment through energy-saving and resource conservation efforts such as the efficient utilization of resources, reducing the amount of waste, etc.

-Work to coexist with society as a member of it with responsibilities in addition to contributing to society through business activities based on the company philosophy.

Code of Conduct toward All Stakeholders

-Treasure the relationships we have with customers, business partners, local society, etc. and engage them with a thankful and sincere attitude.

(The code of conduct mentioned above is an excerpt from “The Corporate Ethics Guidelines for Japan Transcity Group”.)