Japan Transcity Corporation

Investor Relations


Japan Transcity Group, founded in 1895, is a traditional logistics company with an abundant experience and has always provided quality total logistics services including warehousing, stevedoring, land transport, and international multimodal transport in Asia, North and Middle America, and Europe.

According to the mid-term business plan started in 2014 F.Y. with the motto “Challenge to the New Stage,” the company launched innovations to create new value and enhance domestic and international logistics. The company also developed four business strategies: One, domestic logistics business reorganization; Two, global logistics business enhancement; Three, group business reinforcement; Four, CSR management for local-society development.

To realize “Domestic logistics business reform” we set about to enhance solution sales, 3PL services, logistics services including comprehensive business ties, and dock operations at Yokkaichi Port, and also reorganization of our facilities. Regarding “Global logistics business enhancement”, first, we stated enriching and reorganizing logistics system in ASEAN area and North and Middle America, as well as, HR, labor control, and accounting systems. For “Group business foundation reinforcement”, in addition to safety and quality improvement of logistics services, we have reinforced IT infrastructure and employee development. About “CSR management and contributing to the development of the local society”, we have been engaged in strengthening total control system, initiated preventative compliance and corporate governance to develop a sense of morals and ethics. The whole group company will also promote eco-friendly business activities.

We will strive to provide the best service and improve our business and management to exceed your expectations.

We all appreciate your loyal patronage and consideration.