Japan Transcity Corporation

Logistics consulting

In the past, improvement activities in logistics just focused on partial optimizations
in procurement, production, and sales processes.
Now the companies need the whole business process optimization by SCM.
Japan Transcity assists your business from the logistics aspect
by establishing suitable logistics services in line with your business strategy.
We will manage and streamline your logistics system with IT system,
KPI metrics, data analysis, and improvement proposals.

Logistics consulting teamSpecial squad for sincere support

Japan Transcity’s special logistics consulting team supports your control and management of logistics fields. We carefully investigate, analyze, propose, and address to the core issue of your business plan and logistics strategy. We are proud of our broad achievements and our solutions that we can provide to you.

Logistics consulting cases
Logistics center establishment , Facility location optimization , Shipping rate simulation , Flow line analysis , Location optimization analysis

KPI analysisMultifaceted analysis for problem identification

We are getting an enormous amount of data through the daily logistics process. Data analysis from various perspectives visualizes your daily productivity, actual results, and defects to improve. Through the comparison with the past data, we find out potential constraints and propose corrective actions immediately.
We pursuit total logistics flow optimization by KPI management with you.

Practical floor improvement for further efficient flow

In order to enhance your productivity on the logistics floor, we pick up improvement opportunities by intensive data analysis and implementation of layout and flow line change, MHE introduction, and other floor improvements. Our site improvements will boost your logistics effectiveness.

Total coordination for global logisticsIntegrated service for all the procedures

Expansion into a global market requires diverged logistics processes and applications to segmentalized windows. We boast broad experiences, achievements, global network, and logistics centers to establish the desirable logistics system for you.