Japan Transcity Corporation

Overseas logistics

Quality and enhancement of logistics help determine your global strategy.
Japanese companies are familiar with what Japanese companies need.
Our worldwide logistic network and operations can provide precise
and careful services to your business across the world.

Worldwide logistics network for your global expansion

As Japanese companies’ overseas presence increases, logistics needs to diversify. Japan Transcity’s overseas bases and network offer quality logistics services in China, Southeastern Asia, U.S., Mexico, and Europe. You can enjoy our same quality services even in other countries as well through our global network.

Overseas bases

Distribution processing to add higher value

We offer you logistics processing services in the world: inspection, metal detection, assembly, assortment, labeling, and packaging. Our value adding services support the efficient distribution of your products.

Cross border shipping in Asia by more efficient route

ASEAN economic community (AEC) accelerated Southeastern Asian economy. For example, we provide cross-border land transport in Mekong Delta region. Taking geographical advantages, we realize shorter shipping lead-time than marine transport.

Firsthand information from Japanese staff For your successful oversea business

One of the most difficult phases of doing business in foreign countries is information gathering. Our experienced Japanese expats provide you with local logistics information, solutions, and other required support.

Overseas bases

Overseas bases

Overseas bases