Japan Transcity Corporation

International Freight Forwarding

Japan Transcity provides international logistics support for global companies.
We are a one-stop shop for import and export cargo handling, transportation, documentations, and customs procedures.
We also provide international multimodal logistic services by sea, air, and land,
along with international combined transport services with the support of our overseas subsidiaries and agencies.

Smooth and reliable import & export freight forwarding

Import and export require customs clearance, and associated procedures that requires expertise. Japan Transcity specializes in import/export documentation, arrangements, and freight forwarding operations in major ports of Japan. The combination of our WMS, customs clearance system, forwarding system realizes seamless logistics operations. Our consolidated logistics solutions coupled with warehouse and logistic process services will and can support your distribution effectively.

Warehouses for : Distribution processing

International integrated multimodal transport From Japan to the world, Door-to-door

We have the expertise, knowledge, experience and a worldwide network to offer international multimodal transport services and door-to-door transport system efficiently by the most suitable routing in collaboration with our overseas subsidiaries. Once we pick up your cargo, all the process from transport be it via land, sea, and air, customs clearance, delivery, and if necessary installation will be completed by us. Our integrated international multimodal logistics service will drastically reduce your lead-time and tasks for arrangement and information acquisition.

Quick and preciseCustoms clearance for you

Japan Transcity assures swift customs clearance service for a wide array of cargo to support your international logistics. In-house developed database of handling records of apparels, commodities, automobile parts, and other goods from every industry allows us to accomplish about 100,000 cases (F.Y. 2015) and quality customs clearance services throughout Japan. Thanks to our intensive human resource development programs, we developed and will continue to develop internal professional registered customs specialists. We develop our agents to best serve the needs of our customers. We value customers’ point of view, and gained trust from them.

- Qualified custom specialists: 192 (December 2023 present)
- Certified as Authorized Warehouse Operator (September 2009) and Authorized Custom Broker (March 2016) under AEO

Cumulated know-how on Automobile parts logistics

Logistics of automotive parts require high level of quality control of the services. Our extensive experiences and know-hows in this particular industry are widely shared among our overseas affiliates, and that will achieve and provide worldwide logistics support for your products.

Warehouses for : Automobile parts

Intermediary tradecoordinated from Japan

As globalization goes, local procurement, offshore products for other countries, and shipments without passing through Japan are increasing. We will coordinate for you ideal intermediary trade logistics services with our oversea subsidiaries’ network.

Machine packaging experts Machine tool & heavy machinery packaging and transport

Quality and precision machinery made in Japan is still highly demanded both inside and outside of Japan. We package machine tools and heavy machinery in our special-storage facilities at Yokkaichi Port. Our facilities have the equipment for large-sized machinery equipped with 24tons overhead cranes. Precision lashing in loading on flat-rack containers ensures the cargo security during transportation. We also provide on-site packaging service.

Warehouses for : Heavy machinery