Japan Transcity Corporation


Yokkaichi Port, the Chubu Area’s international gateway,
plays a critical role in supplying raw materials and fuels to manufacturers and
factories located at the industrial center of Japan.
With its functions and facilities, Japan Transcity offers stevedoring and ship agent services for bulk cargoes,
loading and unloading of automobiles, and terminal operations for container ships.
Japan Transcity has a long history at Yokkaichi Port.
We devote our best efforts towards the development of our mother port by accomplishing our own duties.

Reliable integrated cargo handling servicesin port areas

Stevedoring operations play a key logistics role connecting marine and land transport. Besides handling containers and vehicles, we provide integrated stevedoring services from loading and unloading various bulk cargoes, storage and retrieval, labeling to delivery.

Goods handled:
Fuels: coal, petroleum cokes
Industrial raw materials: titanium ores, industrial salt, sodium carbonates, silica stones, gypsum, bentonite, calcined magnesite, magnesium oxide, talc, zircon sand, dolomite, limestone, pagodite
Food materials: grains (rapeseeds, corns, wheat), rice
Fodder materials: rapeseed lees, gluten feeds, corn germ
Others: fertilizers, copperplates, steel coils, automobiles, woodchips

Transloading bulk cargo*in port warehouse

We repackage various forms of cargoes unloaded from vessels in our port warehouse. Our specialized equipment breaks and loads bulk cargoes onto a bulk lorry, or flexible containers and bags. We provide integrated logistics service from stevedoring to delivery, and can propose countless options to meet your needs.

*Bulk cargo is an unpackaged cargoes such as granular goods and coals.

Container terminal operationsCenteralized control and management

At Yokkaichi Port, the Chubu area’s international gateway, Japan Transcity offers centralized control of container terminal operations, whilst introducing eco-friendly hybrid cargo handling equipments and machineries.

Ship route and equipment

Ship route and equipment