Japan Transcity Corporation

Warehousing/ Distribution processing

Japan Transcity can fulfill your needs based on our 120 years of experience.
We boast strategic logistics centers in Kanto, Kansai, Chubu, and other areas in Japan.
In addition to our storage and inventory control services,
our substantial and distribution processing options add higher value to your products.
Japan Transcity will offer distinctive storage services to you.

Storage serviceProper storage for each cargo

We provide more than just storage service. Our services include appropriate storage, cargo handling, real-time inventory control and analysis at our logistics base. Your temperature sensitive cargoes, hazardous items, heavy machineries, Pharmaceutical products, and other kinds of cargoes will be stored in the most suitable conditions.
Our own facilities and those of experienced partners cover the whole country to provide warehouse and storage services for you.

Storage facilities by functions

Refrigerated hazardous/hazardous goods,Large logistics center,Heavy machinery,Distribution processing,Pharmaceutical products/quasi-drugs/cosmetics,Refrigerated & temperature controlled cargoes,Automobile parts

Distribution processing support Effective Outsourcing

In future logistics strategy, adding high value and effective distribution processing outsourcing will be more significant. We provide you an array of distribution processing services from packaging, packing, labeling, inspection, assortment, assembly, and other support required to your logistics strategy.

Warehouses for:Distribution processing 

Extensive handling experiencein raging industries

Every cargo has its own suitable storage environment. We possess proper storage environment and substantial handling know-how collected through handling diversified items, such as chemicals, chemical materials, automobile parts and materials, foods, sporting and leisure goods, pet supplies, medical and cosmetic products, and apparel products. Our storage and distribution processing services backed with experiences have attained a high reputation among our customers.

A suite of material handling equipmentslinked to control system

Right MHEs (material handling equipments) in the right place realize our swift and precision operations. We commit to data analysis from warehouse management systems combined with actual data from MHEs for process and service quality improvement.


Logistics strategic bases management & control Large logistics center for Retailers & Wholesalers

Our large logistics centers for retailers and wholesalers are fully equipped with MHEs including automated racks and sorters, IT systems and other notable functions. We have sufficient knowledge and experience in management of strategic logistics bases and logistic center. Accurate and speedy sorting for each store and total management of shipping and distribution control enable us to establish suitable logistic services for you.

Continuous safety and quality improvementfor further safety operations

We carry out safety education in an effort to prevent any potential accident during warehouse operations because of variety of cargo characteristics and shapes. Warehouse patrol, safety performance evaluation, providing an education system, and daily routines raise our staff’s awareness of safety and quality. Japan Transcity Group performs small group activities, near-miss preventative activities, and Kaizen presentations for further quality improvements.

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Domestic bases

Domestic bases

Domestic bases