Japan Transcity Corporation

Domestic Transportation

Japan Transcity provides you safe and reliable multi-modal transportation services (combining means of transport by land and sea)
through our logistics network across Japan. We have enjoyed our reputation with our eco-friendly bulk-container trucking service
by unit load method (use of standard-size containers)
and multi-modal transport that enable mass transport and CO2 reduction at the same time.
We also devote ourselves to unique equipment and control system development.

Transport networkcovering everywhere in Japan

Our trucking service backed with land transport bases and network all over Japan offers you a variety of options from local distribution and long-range transport, regardless of the fluctuation of the cargo volume. We realize advantageous shipment by land and sea by combining the means of transportation such as, trucks, vessels, ferries, and trains.

An array of product shipment achievementsIntensive experiences and creativity

Each item needs its desirable vehicle type and transport know-how. We transport petrochemicals (synthetic resin, rubber, and paper, and surfactant), medical products, foods, beverages, and household-goods by truck, hazardous liquid by tank truck, and coals and industrial materials by bulk carriers and lorries. Our experiences and proficiencies allow us to offer the best trucking service you wish.

Bulk ContainersOur green solution

A bulk container has the all the functions for storage, transport, and contamination-free packaging. Particulate cargoes will be loaded into an inner bag in a 20ft ISO dry container and shipped as a single unit cargo by vessels, trains, and trailers under our self-developed integrated control system everywhere in Japan. You will immediately know your cargo status through our information visualization system. We are experts in bulk cargo, which is the latest eco-friendly logistic solution. We will strive for more efficient and environmental logistics.

Distribution status visualization systemfor trucking operation visualization

There is a rising demand for quicker and more precise cargo tracking. We realized integrated logistics control by interfacing five systems to provide cargo status information including shipping process and transportation. Our unique distribution control system visualizes your cargo’s tracking.

Safety and quality activitiesFor better trucking services

We carry out safety education to prevent any potential accident during trucking operations because of characteristics and shapes of cargoes. Field patrols, safety performance evaluation, providing an education system, and daily routines raise our staff’s awareness of safety and quality. All of our employees are highly acquainted with safety and quality in any way, and will be continuously engaged in higher quality services.

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